Discord is what all the "cool kids" use to talk to internet friends like IRC but it data minds on it's used (There not users there used), censors idea they don't like and is proprietary software and those are just some reasons not to use Discord. Some think people say that that it is better that Skype as a way of justifying why Discord exist, if you don't want to use Skype I understand but why is Discord what you go to? IRC is much more open ended and can be use in freedom, and TOX is libre software so can also be used in freedom, both IRC and TOX have no central servers and can't be censored. So why do people use Discord becuase of how thay are advertised to gamers the most retard people on this hell hole we call Earth and the gamers take the weeaboos with along with, redditors, pedophile and other sexual deviants, fedora fags and just the worst of the internet, those are all who are on Discord because most people don't know about it or are smart enough to not use it. If you are used by Discord one thing I have to say is Discord is just like Facebook.